Get 10% off when you say “jingle bells” at store check-out!

Does your cyclists complain of being parched or dehydrated? Pick up some drink mix. Keep those electrolytes flowing.

Fuel up your cyclist and give them quick energy on a bike or on the go.

3) Bar Tape

Has your cyclist white bar tape turned black from dirty hands? Make a good stocking stuffer with some brand new bar tape

4) Lights

Are you worried about your cyclist at night? Make sure they can see and be seen with a new front and rear light.

5) Socks

It’s all about the socks. Your cyclist look is not complete without a cool pair of socks.

6) Tires

Get your cyclist a new pair of rubbers. Better safe than sorry

7) Shammy Buttr

If your cyclist is complaining of saddle sores and hotspots, make sure their buns are buttrd.

8) Gu’s 

Your cyclists best stocking stuffer is nutrition, make sure they’re not bonking out there on the road.

9) Waffles
Every cyclist loves cookies. Especially ones that give you energy

10) Pizza Cutter

Everbody loves pizza

11) Quick Sticks

Cyclists love cool tools, especially when they’re quick

12) Gift Cards

If you just don’t know what to get your cyclist and all they want is bike stuff, get them a gift card.

13) Glasses

Protect your cyclist eyes.

14) Shoes and Clips

Make your cyclist a faster rider, or help them with that new years resolution by going to spin class.

15) Lube

No cyclist likes a crusty chain. Make sure they’re lubed up.

16) Pump

The biggest cause of flats is under inflated tires. Make sure your cyclist is pump up.

17) Helmets

Protect the money maker. Make sure your cyclist has a new helmet, helmets only last 3 years.

18) Warmers

Its cold outside. Make sure your cyclist is warm and toasty

19) Kits

Make your cyclist feel like they’re part of the club. Pick up an H&S Kit

20) Repair Kit on the go

Make sure your cyclist has a repair kit with all the necessary tools. Unless you’d like to get the phone call to pick them up.

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